It’s that time of year, a time of reflection, of assessment, of planning the next move.


Looking back, looking ahead. A thousand questions that float in my head.

What went wrong? What went right? Balancing good with bad; better with worse.

Things that have changed with things that are different.

Things that remain as they always have.


Positive and negative, light and dark. The duality of life.


Some of it is amazing, fantastic, beyond my wildest dreams.

Some of it terrible, haunting, painful. Both emotional and physical.

Warm kisses, cold shoulders. New beginnings and bitter endings.

Comfort and compassion, cruel words and cutting remarks.


You cannot change the past, but you can look to the future.

Change for the better or for the worse but change you will.

Friends lost and friends reunited, new acquaintances brightening life.

Children born, people dying. The cycle of life continuing, uncaringly.


It’s that time of year again. A time of reflection, of contemplation, of new beginnings and planning the next move.


One thought on “Reflections

  1. A good poem here with a sense of real energy to it. It might be useful to think about avoiding full rhyme, and to consider absorbing some more contemporary poetry. The anthology Identity Parade is an excellent place to start…

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