Talking to the Gods

I beseech thee all ye gods and minor deities both known and unknown.
Hear now and witness my dreams, my prayers and my oaths.

I beg ye to grant me the strength to that which I must, that which I can, that which is needed.

I beg ye to grant me the gift of great challenges, that I may grow, learn and thrive from the accomplishment.

I beg ye let me know peaceful times, to know a land rich, fertile and free, that I nor my children need not know hunger, nor fear, not hate nor envy.

I beg ye show me a generous span, that I may see your gift of the world, love fiercely, and build for the future that comes after me.

I beg not for wealth or prosperity, but for comfort and security. I pray for family, the love of a good woman, for strong sons and comely daughters.

I pray for protection, not for myself but for my people. That they may grow strong and proud, protecting and nurturing my line, as it protected and nurtured those before me.

I pray you watch over us all.


A Bad Idea

It’s a bad idea, me feeling this way.
It’s a bad idea, the way I’m looking at you.
It’s a bad idea, the way you’re smiling back at me.
It’s a bad idea, but I don’t really care.

I’m probably reaching, reading too much into an ‘us’.
But my heart starts to flutter at the sound of your voice,
My lips start to smile at the sight of your face,
My knees seem to tremble at the squeeze of your hand,
And my breathing constricts when I hold you in my arms.

But its a bad idea, me thinking this way.
You’re smart, you’re kind and you’re funny, not to mention way too good for me.
But its a bad idea, and it would never work.
But I’m falling hard, I’m falling fast and I don’t really mind at all.

My love

You’ve broken my heart, my lover, my life.
You’ve broken my heart my love.

You’ve rendered my soul, my lover, my life.
You’ve rendered my soul my love.

You’ve left me alone, my lover, my life.
You’ve left me alone my love.

You’ve crushed my spirit, my lover, my life.
You’ve crushed my spirit my love.

You’ve shatterred my world, my lover, my life.
You’ve shatterred my world my love.

I’ll not return, said my lover, my life.
I’ll not return said my love.

It destroyed my dreams my lover, my life, when you said you’d not be my wife.

A bed at night

As I lie a bed at night, your shade lies there beside me.
It keeps me tossing and turning, mind consumed by the what if’s.

In my sleepy half waking I see the ghost of your smile,
I sense the heat of your presence, feel the sigh of your breath.

But come the dawn I find cold flat sheets, see no shape on your pillow.
Your spirit fled in the night, left me alone in the cold dawn light.

As I lie there, still and staring, my hand resting on empty space.
I think then of telling you, of just letting you know.

Of how much I still love you, but I’m scared you already know