Talking to the Gods

I beseech thee all ye gods and minor deities both known and unknown.
Hear now and witness my dreams, my prayers and my oaths.

I beg ye to grant me the strength to that which I must, that which I can, that which is needed.

I beg ye to grant me the gift of great challenges, that I may grow, learn and thrive from the accomplishment.

I beg ye let me know peaceful times, to know a land rich, fertile and free, that I nor my children need not know hunger, nor fear, not hate nor envy.

I beg ye show me a generous span, that I may see your gift of the world, love fiercely, and build for the future that comes after me.

I beg not for wealth or prosperity, but for comfort and security. I pray for family, the love of a good woman, for strong sons and comely daughters.

I pray for protection, not for myself but for my people. That they may grow strong and proud, protecting and nurturing my line, as it protected and nurtured those before me.

I pray you watch over us all.


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